The all-in-one platform

GoodShip is the all-in-one platform for analytics, carrier management, and transportation procurement.

The command center that bolts onto your TMS

All the data you need, all in one place

GoodShip unifies data from across your network — TMS tender data, contract award data, real-time location data — enriches it with market rates, and automatically generates critical insights, recommendations, and reports.

Reduce spend, improve performance

Easily review lanes with the best opportunities to take quick corrective action, then seamlessly renegotiate rates, improve on-time service, and reduce spot exposure all within the same interface.

Modern transportation procurement

Digitally build, edit, and manage custom procurement events, then invite your carriers, compare bids, create routing guides, and award lanes without all the spreadsheets and lengthy email chains.

Collaborative carrier management

GoodShip’s multiplayer platform and self-serve carrier scorecards create a shared source of truth, giving carriers the deep, lane-level insights on seasonality, lead time, and tendering patterns they need to bid competitively and diagnose service issues.



Here for the long haul

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